Time to Jump Another Hurdle For Sharks in California

July 11th will be the next crucial hurdle for AB 376 in Sacramento as it faces the The Senate Appropriations Committee – if we get past this, the vote goes to the Senate Floor. If it passes there, it goes to the Governor Brown’s office for his signature, and then it becomes the law!

There has been pressure from some members of the Senate to add provisions to AB 376 to allow for the sale of fins taken during legally allowed shark fishing. Perhaps the biggest problem with this is that it makes AM 376 – the bill to ban the sale of shark fins in CA virtually unenforcable. Who will be able to tell the difference between a shark fin taken off a legally caught leopard shark in San Francisco Bay from one illegally imported, taken from a shark whose body was thrown overboard from a shark finning vessel? This provision is a tricky way to make AB 376 a VERY expensive bill for the State to enforce – one that the Appropriations Committee might find too expensive to pass in this time of severe fiscal crisis.

Please take a few minutes to call the following Senators, who are on the Appropriations Committee to ask them to support AB 376 without provisions for shark fishing.

Shark Finning - A Bloody Business

Senator Christine Kehoe (Chair): (916) 651-4039 senator.kehoe@sen.ca.gov

Senator Mimi Walters (Vice Chair): (916) 651-4033 senator.walters@sen.ca.gov

Senator Elaine Alquist: (916) 651-4013 senator.alquist@sen.ca.gov

Senator Bill Emmerson: (916) 651-4037 senator.emmerson@sen.ca.gov

Senator Ted W. Lieu: (916) 651-4028 senator.lieu@sen.ca.gov

Senator Fran Pavley: (916) 651-4023 senator.pavley@sen.ca.gov

Senator Curren Price: (916) 651-4026 senator.price@sen.ca.gov

Senator Sharon Runner: (916) 651-4017 senator.runner@sen.ca.gov

Senator Darrell Steinberg: (916) 651-4006 senator.steinberg@sen.ca.gov

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