1000 Kids Pledge to Save Sharks in Hong Kong

July 9, 2011

Dr. Sylvia Earle Joins Kids in Hong Kong for Shark Pledge

The 1000 Kids, One Message! project brought together shark loving kids and a distinguished list of ocean heroes in Hong Kong to make a special pledge.

“I am the future! I won’t eat shark fins!”

It’s hoped that the children’s message from the hot zone of the shark fin trade will echo loud and clear through national and international media, as nation after nation bans the brutal and unsustainable practice of shark finning.

The underlying premise of the project is clear – children are the future. The Ocean Geographic Society is calling on kids around the world to step up as the next generation of young ambassadors for sharks. 

Kids attending this event have been officially named Shark Ambassadors. Kids have the initiative and passion to save sharks from extinction and are the ocean’s best hope. 

“Sharks are beautiful animals and if you’re lucky enough to see lots of them that means that you’re in a healthy ocean,” says Dr. Sylvia Earle. “You should be afraid if you are in the ocean and don’t see sharks.  That means the ocean is in trouble, and if the ocean is in trouble we’re in trouble.”


That evening, Rolex in collaboration with Ocean Geographic Society (OceanNEnvironment), Cyberport and the Energy Saving and Environment Concern Alliance (ESECA), presented “An Unforgettable Evening,”  celebrating the mystique of the underwater world through photos and films.

With a focus on Antarctica, the tropical oceans, marine animals and climate change issues, featured appearances included oceanographer extraordinaire Dr. Sylvia Earle, founder of Energy Saving Concern Alliance Elizabeth Quat, and renowned photographers David Doubilet, Jennifer Hayes and Michael AW.  Read more about the dynamic team of ocean luminaries who took part in this event here.

Funds raised at these events will go to Ocean Geographic’s Shark Campaign.

Written by Deb Castellana

Photographs Courtesy of Vincent Tong

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