CRCL Volunteers Plant 2,500 Mangrove Trees on National Estuaries Day

More than 40 CRCL volunteers gathered at Port Fourchon on Saturday, Sept. 24 to celebrate National Estuaries Day.  In just six hours, our volunteer crew planted 2,500 mangrove trees!

This project was a joint effort between Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, National Wildlife Federation (NWF), and the Edward Wisner Foundation, and is a part of CRCL and NWF’s ongoing mission of restoring and protecting areas of coastal Louisiana continuing to be impacted by the ongoing oil related disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

The project also celebrated National Estuaries Day, a nationwide day of service which highlights the vibrant habitats within our nation’s wetlands.

The 2,500 mangroves planted at Port Fourchon on National Estuaries Day will provide essential protection for inland communities and create fish and wildlife habitat.
”Over the last ten years, CRCL has engaged more than 7,000 volunteers and restored approximately 3,600 acres of wetlands.” said Hilary Collis, Coastal Restoration Coordinator for CRCL.  ‘Through our project partners like National Wildlife Federation, and the Edward Wisner Foundation, we are able to coordinate volunteers and teach them about the importance of restoring Louisiana’s coastal wetlands.”

How proud would Wangari Maathai have been?

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