Derelict Tugboat spills oil into Richmond Channel

Point Portrero Reach

Richmond, CA

At last month’s US Coast Guard Area Committee Meeting for our region, a concerned participant questioned the stability of a decommissioned Naval tug boat moored in Point Portero Reach, also known as the Richmond Channel.  The Coast Guard said that it had tried to contact the Greek owner of the derelict 205′ World War II Tug to no avail. So the Coast Guard continued to monitor the situation.

But on Sunday, the tug sprung an oil leak and according to officials, it is still leaking. The boat is surrounded with three layers of a 22-inch hard boom, and the nearby sensitive habitat area of Brooks Island remains boomed off. No dispersants have been used and the spill appears to be contained at this time according to a US Fish & Wildlife Official.

No wildlife has yet been affected, says the Coast Guard. Anyone seeing instances of contaminated wildlife is asked to call 1-877-UCD-OWCN.

The elderly gent in the photos below served on the derelict tug during WWII. There are two identical gray tugs, the sinking vessel lists considerably to starboard.

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