Turtle of Change Award comes to Point Richmond

I was honored when the folks at the Sea Turtle Restoration Project decided to pass their ‘Turtle of Change’ to me for her next adventure.  After a refreshing bath in a tub of blue marbles, she joined us for a dog walk and marine debris cleanup at the beach at Ferry Point.

The great news, as has often been the case, the beach had already been cleaned! Even in urban areas around San Francisco Bay, awareness is spreading that plastic pollution is a serious problem, and also one that we can do something about! So kudos to the eco-warriors who got there before me today!

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We didn’t find much today – but we do continue to find shotgun wadding from the duck hunters up in San Pablo Bay. They don’t seem to think twice when shooting from their boats and duck blinds out over the water. It’s a major problem, and one that many groups around the Bay have been working on for years.

Even in our small pile of garbage, The Turtle of Change found a way to entangle herself in plastic… just like so many of her buddies offshore.  This time her foster Mom was there to remove it. But what about some other time, when she’s off at sea alone? Who will free her then?

At the end of the day, our STRP turtle asked if she could have some screentime, and exhibited incredible dexterity with her flippers while surfing the internet. She read news of her home, Montenegro, crippled by a historic snow storm.  “I’m glad to be in sunny California,” she quipped!

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